Possible power outage for village in ‘cut-back’

Workmen have began removing branches and cutting back trees near to the Souldrop village electricity pylon network supplying the neighbourhood. Work started last week near the Bedford Arms and armed with a ‘cherry picker’ truck, the workmen will progress their way along High street towards Back Lane and Chapel Lane over the next week or so. The dangers of a branch falling on the power and telephone lines doesn’t bear thinking about, the consequences could be a lengthy power outage for the village or worse it could cause a fire. This is obviously an important job that requires regular service, it’s seems Souldrop’s ‘cut-back’ is long overdue.
We understand the power supply grid network company has already informed any residents that this ‘cut-back’ will apply to.

We have also heard there may be ‘minimised power outages’ to areas of the village as the foliage incursion in certain places will require a short power cut for safety reasons, whilst the offending growth is cleared.