Wartime Memories

I would like to share a wartime memory sent in by a Mr Lawrence Lampert, whom as a child was evacuated from bombed out London to stay with a family in Souldrop.

Perhaps there is someone out there who might remember Lawrence or have their own memories from the Second World War. Please feel free to use our comment box below if you would like to contribute.

During world war two, my sister and I were sent from bombed out London to Souldrop. With a label tag on our coats we arrived by train and bus and the WI ladies line us up and we were put in line for selection by the local folk……. We were chose by Arthur & Katherine who were farmhands for Mr.Haroldon his farm some miles out of the village…….He tended the sheep and did general farm work…….we live din the tied terrace cottage across the road from the farm…..There were Italian POWs working on the farm under the scrutiny of armed soldiers and the Land army girls drove the tractor and shire horses and women drove the local bus… We went to the local village school and our teacher was Miss Bagshawe…… the school seemed a couple of miles away passed a Methodist chapel…….. Harvest festival was in the big church and the evacuees got a parcel each after the service……. I remember the sheep dogs Judy & Tricksey who also rounded up the cattle
I wonder if you can  help trace further details of these folk for me and my Grandchildren who are covering ‘evacuees’ as a school project.
I currently live in Rothbury, Northumberland… but I have many clear memories of Souldrop, and the American Airforce folk one met in Rushden on market days..They had many a kind words for the evacuees and chewing gum, and were genuinely feeling for us fathe evacuees whose fathers were killed fighting in France and Holland and whose Mothers were bombed in the blitz.

I wrote back to Lawrence and told him of the ‘bomb squad’ incident a couple years back and also mentioned we would keep our eyes and ears open for others that may be able to share memories with him.

Dear Steve, Thanks for your speedy response……..if you do find local oldies who remember the ‘evacuees’ let me know… it might be worthwhile asking your local WI as those ladies plus the ‘Lady of the mansion’ seemed to be involved with organising the ‘evacuees’……….I do remember the school shut at harvest time and everyone went into the fields to help… your records may also show the names of the local farm owners too.
regards    Lawrence Lampert

If anyone wishes to correspond with Lawrence, I have his email address if you contact me at…   souldrop.steve@gmail.com I will forward Lawrence’s email contact details.

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