Superfast Broadband on the way!

Superfast broadband is on the way

Superfast Broadband is on the way

Superfast Broadband is on the way – but at a snails pace!

I have received a response to a question I asked Bedford’s Borough Mayor Dave Hodgson on his recent visit to the village on the matter of when Souldrop is due for it’s long overdue upgrade to ‘superfast broadband’
“Souldrop, being in Phase 4, should see a superfast service available, in the second half of 2018, all being well in the 3rd quarter of 2018” quoted Mayor Hodgson.

So we will have to wait up to three more years for a decent deal on our broadband.
However in the meantime there may be “interim options” involving a possible “subsidised satellite option scheme for those who have a sub-2Mbps broadband service”although this is yet to be confirmed.

I will write back to Mayor Hodgson and ask him to clarify how this might work and keep you informed.

Steve Andrews