Can anyone identify this 1920’s Souldrop House?

Large Souldrop House, can anyone identify the Souldrop house in this 1920's photo?

Large Souldrop House, can anyone identify the Souldrop house in this 1920’s photo?

Here the same house but with added flower beds

Here the same house but with added flower beds

A Bedfordshire postcard archivist has asked if this 1920’s photograph of a large Souldrop house can be identified, apparently it is not the rectory.
If you do have an idea please let us know using our below comment boxes or contact us here

We will then forward the information to the archivist. Thanks!

Bedford Arms Update


The Bedford Arms public house in September 2012

The Bedford Arms public house

Fred and Caroline have temporally retaken over The Bedford Arms. It is a year since Fred and Caroline ‘retired’ from running the villages’ popular alehouse and eatery. It is hoped the pub will re-open this coming weekend following a brief refurbishment. In the long run it is hoped a new owner sympathetic to the public houses outstanding reputation for real ale and high quality food will be found to continue the business into the future. “The village will be lost without the Bedford Arms, it can’t be allowed to go the way so many other Public Houses have gone in recent times” said a resident who didn’t want to be named.

Saturday 13 August 2016

The Bedford Arms will re-open today at 4pm for drinks only, no food as yet until further notice.


Anyone seen Leo?


Leo the missing Cat

Leo the Cat is missing!

Leo the Cat is missing, can you help find him?

Paul and Kay Bone are searching for their missing Cat, Leo who has been missing since last weekend (6/7 August). As Leo is a ‘rescue’ cat and new to their owners, Paul and Kay are very concerned that Leo may be trapped in an outbuilding or barn or simply lost and unable to find his way home. “He will be very frightened, as he was a rescue before we had him and had not been outside” said Kay Bone.
He is chipped but does not have his collar on. He is a La Perm, creamy white, coat is a bit curly behind his ears and at the top of his tail. If anyone should find Leo please contact Paul or Kay directly or ‘Contact us’ here,  at the website and we will forward Paul and Kays contact details.



Great news,Leo has now been found and is now safe and sound, owners Kay and Paul Bone are said to be delighted.