Iron Age discovery in Sharnbrook

Iron Age Bodies discovered in Sharnbrook

Iron Age Bodies discovered in Sharnbrook

The remains of three Iron Age bodies have been discovered in Sharnbrook.

They were discovered at the site of a new  housing development in Mill Road Sharnbrook. The bones, believed to have belonged to three people, were unearthed at the site  last December.

A council insider has claimed archaeologists have traced the remains back to an Iron Age village which once stood on the land.

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Quad Bike Theft!

Paul Bones Quad Bile Stolen

Paul Bones Quad Bile Stolen

2017 got of to an unhappy start for Paul and Kay Bone when thieves broke into an outbuilding up Forty Foot Lane sometime either on New Years Eve or on New Years Day.

Kay and Paul would like to get the Quad-bike back and ask if anyone has seen or heard anything, or have seen anyone going round on it?

The Quad-Bike is featured in the above photo. Residents are urged to be extra vigilant and security conscience during the remainder of the holiday. A number of nearby villages have noted a slight increase in crime of late, there are thieves operating in the area!

If you have any information please get in touch with Paul or Kay directly or Contuct Us