Sharnbrook Gospel Choir Review

Some shots from Saturday 22 April at All Saint’s Church Souldrop with Sharnbrook Gospel Choir.
Photo’s and words by Keeley Daize

“The choir were amazing and delivered a varied and beautiful concert at All Saint’s church. The audience were relaxed and mesmerised by the wonderful music and all really enjoyed the evening. The only distraction being Simon’s assistance dog trying to join in the choruses!!! We followed up with cheese, wine and a bar at the village hall where everyone got the chance to relax further, chat and catch up with friends. Overall a fantastic evening.

We would like to relay our heartfelt thanks to all members of the Sharnbrook Gospel Choir and everyone who came along or bought tickets plus Nick Wells for organised donation of our alcoholic drinks. You all helped us to raise another £502.50 towards getting our toilets upgraded and installing disabled access to the village hall.”


Spring 2017


Spring gets under way in Souldrop and once again the colours return to life after the drabness of winter. We take a peek at Lenny’s hidden Eden and find that a Cricket match is in full swing. The shoots of wheat are just popping their heads above the soil in the nearby fields as the colossal new neighbours ‘Tom Dick and Harry’ turbines tower above the trees at Windmill Hill. Situated at Airfield Farm at Santa Pod these guys are as big as they get reaching some 420 foot. The Blackmere turbine also towers above the trees in the Forty Foot hedge line.
The meadows surrounding the village are returning to green and the late Kim’s Tulips bring a splash of colours to the ambience of All Saints graveyard recently recovering from a horrible break in.
It is difficult photographing the village without showing cars and wheely-bins I  had to work hard to keep them to a minimum in the shots.The village is never totally free of clutter so in a way it would be disingenuous to display otherwise, so there will be the odd bin or car lurking on the fringes!
We would like to thank Lenny for letting us get right into his ‘garden of eden’ and the wonderful folk of our village for taking the care to make Souldrop a feast for the eye’s!

All photo’s taken by Steve Andrews on April 10 2017: Copyright Steve Andrews.

Larger Print size available on request.



Sharnbrook Gospel Chior

Sharnbrook Gospel flyer-April 22 2017

Sharnbrook Gospel flyer-April 22 2017

7.30pm All Saints Church, Souldrop: Tickets £10.00

Come along and enjoy a wonderful evening of singing by the Sharnbrook Gospel Choir and support a great cause.

Ticket price includes cheese and wine

In aid of refurbishment of toilets and installation of disabled ramp to Souldrop Village Hall.

Tickets and enquiries: Email


More old Steamers visit the village!

Old Steamers April 2017

Old Steamers April 2017

Last Sunday April 2nd traction engines maintained and driven by Dave Venn with his Burrell general purpose engine visited the Bedford Arms once more with Robbie Foreman ,second picture down, shown leaving Souldrop on Ted Wootton’s Fowler road locomotive.

Thanks to Jeremy Viewing for sending theses pictures in!