Public Meeting Local Plan 2035

Public Meeting Local Plan 2035-May22-2017

Public Meeting Local Plan 2035-May22-2017

Consultations end June 9th!

Local residents and concerned parties packed out the village hall on Monday evening to discuss and debate Bedford Borough Council’s Local Plan 2035 in which there is a proposal to build up to 4500 new houses on the nearby Colworth Estate. Souldrop and Knotting Parish Councillor Jeremy Viewing informed the villagers of the plans which if they go ahead would eventually see two new access roads joining with the A6. One road would leave the A6 on a new roundabout by Souldrop Turn and head straight across the fields towards the railway bridge on Sharnbrook Road , from there a new road would link to the new development, passing by Roundwood. Further north along the A6 near West Wood Gate where the Three Shires Way crosses there would be another new roundabout linking to a new road that would take the course of the current Three Shires Way/Forty Foot Lane B.O.A.T.  This would cross the railway and link to the new development to the south of Great Hayes Wood. Much of the new build which is called by the Borough Council ‘Lee’s Farm’ is actually within the territory of Soudrop Parish.

Jeremy introduced Gerry Sansom from The Campaign To Protect Rural England (CPRE) Bedfordshire who spoke of legal terms that the village would have to define in order to mount an objection to these proposals. He said there were resources at the CPRE website that could be helpful in mounting a campaign of objection. He also suggested working together with other local communities. On Lee’s Farm he said that Bedfordshire CPRE had already put their thoughts together which you can read here

It was suggested that the official proposal calls the development a “village” in fact 4000 plus houses is actually to put in perspective, a town the size of Ampthill

Next Jeremy introduced Neil from the nearby Santa Pod drag racing track, whom is also affected by these plans. Baroness Barbara Young spoke on Wildlife and Woodlands issues and many others pitched in with thoughts and suggestions.

It was agreed that Jeremy could move forward with a village mandate for objections that would have to be worked out worded in correct legal terms to define and object to the actual planning proposals.

It was also emphasised and this is important, That as well as a formal Council objection that the more individuals that send in their thoughts and or objections to Bedford Borough Council Local Plan 2035 the more impact it would make. Jeremy also added that the sooner the better as the closing date for consultations is on June 9th which is only a few weeks away and probably best not to leave making your voice heard until the last minute!

Planning for the future

Bedford Borough Council Local Plan 2035 Website

It was decided that an action group should be formed and a number of enthusiastic villagers queued up to leave their contact details. Jeremy said there would be a formal Parish Council Meeting on May 30th and they would put together a worded template with key points that can legally be used to help any villagers wishing to make a protest. As soon as that is available, we will have that available on this website and perhaps in paper to the community. It was also deemed better for villagers to send in individual self worded letters rather than use the confusing and limited online form at the Local Plan website.

So please watch this space if you care about the future of the village. Reach out to inform the folk in the village and nearby neighborhoods of the proposals, that may not be online.

Below is an address for writing letters (Must be delivered before June 9th)

Local Plan 2035 consultation
Planning Policy Team
Bedford Borough Council
Borough Hall
MK42 9AP
If you have any questions please contact the planning policy team at or call 01234 718300.

Souldrop and Knotting Parish Council Website

“Continue Reading” below to access plans for the new proposals

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School Transport Bombshell!

School-Bus Bombshell

School-Bus Bombshell

Bedford Borough Council has made a recent policy decision to vastly reduce the subsidy for the school transport for 6th form students. Following the result of the ridiculous Hobson’s choice consultation – the choice of accepting this rise or scrapping the subsidy altogether –  the Council Executive have voted to raise the school bus fee for 6th former’s from £381.90 to a staggering £890 per student per year which, almost certainly affect students from Souldrop and its surrounding area.

The reason given is the cuts in local authority funding by the current central government which means that they are required to make addition savings (C £2.1m).  Recently, the same government introduced legislation requiring all children to stay in some form of education until they are 18. 

With few apprenticeship or other options available to children in our area, and many children looking to use 6th form as a steppingstone to university, this policy is a grossly unfair as it penalises local rural families.

Martyn Wady is coordinating a campaign centered on Risely but also including all north Bedfordshire villages affected.

“With few apprenticeship or other options available to children in our area, and many children looking to use 6th form as a steppingstone to university, this policy is a grossly unfair as it penalises local rural families 

This policy puts students in rural areas at an educational disadvantaged in comparison with other children in the borough and therefore it is my intention to challenge this policy change on the grounds of discrimination. With the changes due to take effect from September, time is of the essence”

Martyn added “I am planning a campaign to have this policy overturned and we have the support of many local residents, the constituency Labour Party and the Riseley Conservative Ward Councillor”

The campaign actions will include:

  • ·  Organising an online petition
  • ·  Organising a written petition
  • ·  Target mailing the mayor
  • ·  Target mailing Alistair Burt
  • ·  Raising the issue in the press

·  Generally raising awareness to residents in catchment (Sharnbrook) locations

Martyn urges the affected people bring this up in their local council meetings which he hopes will offer to support the campaign and be able to offer local assistance and contacts that will be needed. 



Souldrop to lose out on Super-fast Broadband

Supe-rfast Broadband for Souldrop 2018

Supe-rfast Broadband for Souldrop 2018

Bad news for Souldrop’s Super-fast Broadband!

Souldrop Village is to loose out on the long awaited Broad Band upgrade when it comes online in 2018′ It seems the village won’t benefit from the upgrade because the fiber connection will terminate at the box by the Vesuvio Hotel some 2.9 Kilometers away.

The 2.9 kilometers between the box and the village will mean that because of the distance the upgrade will actually make the average village connection slower than it is currently.

This will be a massive blow to those in the village that are expecting an upgrade

“We have been waiting patiently for nearly ten years for this upgrade and now we find out it’s not going to happen, I am absolutely gutted” said one angry villager who preferred to remain anonymous. Many villagers will echo that sentiment.

Below is an extract of correspondence between Roger Vennison and an Openreach officer…first Roger explains the technicalities ….
“Whilst they do seem to be have a lack of knowledge about the local funding for the project the facts about the technical aspects are clear. As you may be aware the cabinet that connects our village to the Sharnbrook Exchange is cabinet 5 and this is situated on the A6 next to the Italian Hotel. This is obviously a good distance away from the village (2.9Km according to the Openreach guy) and the copper link from this cabinet would reduce the broadband speed to less that we currently have!!! As you so rightly say we need a cabinet in the village.

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West Wood 10 year Consultation

We received a notice from the forestry Commission regarding a ten year review of West Woods. They are asking for feedback from locals

To Whom it may concern,

I have enclosed a copy of the new Brampton Ash, Hardwick, Sywell & West Wood Forest Design Plan.

It is our policy to consult interested parties on new Forest Design Plans and I would appreciate any comments you may have on the plan by 15th March 2017. Comments received by this date will be taken into consideration when preparing the final plan that will be submitted to the Forest Authority for approval.

We are however always pleased to receive information and enquiries at any time.

You can find the document and all the relevant information here

Is there a case for opening up a little more public access a few more footpaths maybe? What do you think?


Bedford Arms Update


The Bedford Arms public house in September 2012

The Bedford Arms public house

Fred and Caroline have temporally retaken over The Bedford Arms. It is a year since Fred and Caroline ‘retired’ from running the villages’ popular alehouse and eatery. It is hoped the pub will re-open this coming weekend following a brief refurbishment. In the long run it is hoped a new owner sympathetic to the public houses outstanding reputation for real ale and high quality food will be found to continue the business into the future. “The village will be lost without the Bedford Arms, it can’t be allowed to go the way so many other Public Houses have gone in recent times” said a resident who didn’t want to be named.

Saturday 13 August 2016

The Bedford Arms will re-open today at 4pm for drinks only, no food as yet until further notice.


Summer Events Souldrop

A number of events are heralded across this summer in Souldrop,
A Tea Party celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday, A Hog Roast, both events are on the main village green. Plus the 25th annual Souldrop Horse and Dog Show at the nearby Colworth estate.

A Royal Tea Party, the Souldrop Games and Bake Off! In celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday, Saturday 11th June

A Royal Tea Party, the Souldrop Games and Bake Off! In celebration of the Queen’s 90th Birthday, Saturday 11th June

A Royal Tea Party, the Souldrop Games and Bake Off!
In celebration of the Queen’s 90th Birthday, Saturday 11th June 2016.

On The Green, High Street. Souldrop.

Tea, Coffee, Music, Fun & Classic Sport’s day Games and prizes are compliments of ‘The Village Hall Comittee’

You need to bring

A chair
Soft/Alcoholic Drinks
A contribution to the picnic tea
A cake for the bake off..

Judging is at 2.30pm, so get your entry in early and we will eat it for pudding!

PLUS! Bring your energy for Souldrop games.

To close the celebrations, we will light the village beacon.

Questions? email…..


Hog Roast On The Green, Saturday , July, 23 ,2016

Hog Roast On The Green, Saturday , July, 23 ,2016

Hog Roast On The Green
Saturday , July 23 ,2016

Come and pig out!

Bring your own drinks and picnic to go with the pork.

Please note: Villagers and friends welcome, we suggest making a donation for the upkeep of the village hall. (admin)~





25th Annual Charity Souldrop Horse Show and Family Dog Show - Sunday 28 August

25th Annual Charity Souldrop Horse Show and Family Dog Show – Sunday 28 August

25th Annual Charity Souldrop Horse Show and Family Dog Show – Sunday 28 August

1991                        –                            2016

At Colworth Estate, Yelnow Lane, Sharnbrook, Beds, MK441LQ.

Held in aid of the Brooke Hospital for Animals and the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.


Car Park £4.00


Do you have any cuttings or bulbs?

Do you have any cuttings or bulbs that you would like to donate to help your village look better?

Beacon Green in winter

Beacon Green in winter

If you do, we would love them to plant in the triangle of grass by the tree outside the Village Hall, this is sometimes better known as Beacon Green.

Rosie is planning to begin work digging some beds very soon. If you do have any donations please drop off by the salt bin in the Village Hall car park, or let us know if you want them collected by contacting Keeley at …

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