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Notice: This website is run from the tiny north Bedfordshire village of Souldrop, by folk who live in the village; for folk who live in the village or have links with the village.

We would like to invite any interested parties or individuals, to help contribute to the running of this Souldrop Community website.

Please use the below ‘Contact’ form if you wish to to update us with the latest Souldrop Village and area Community with News, Views, Topical Conversation, Pictures, Events, Businesses, Services, Articles etc.

If you are a local businesses, or offer a commercial service then please check out our modest advertising rates. If you run a voluntary group offering a non profit service, please contact us if you should like us to place a free ad* on the front page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you should want to contribute, or would like us to post a story or news of an event.

Please use the contact form below for all text based enquiries. If you have digital images or other attachments you would like to send, please use…

Charities, Voluntary groups and community service ads will be always be free of charge.