2016 Pig Roast

The Pig Roast on the Village Green saturday July 23rd 2016.
A fine summers day greeted the villagers on Saturday for the annual Pig Roast. At 6am the fire was lit and many villagers helped turn the spit during the morning. By the afternoon the green was crowded with many villagers bringing along cakes and drinks. The afternoon was rather warm and some villagers chilled to the music which was provided outside Lamb Cottage. Later some villagers admitted they had slightly overdone the beverages and with the heat had decided to receede for a nap! Overall a great time was had by all including hero, Jeremy who had saved the pig from biting the dust during an incident. The roasting pig had slipped of the spit and Jeremy instinctively reached out with his bare hand to save the pig from falling into the fire! Oops, we hope he is alright! Anyway Souldrop.biz and I am sure most of the villagers would like to wish a big thanks to those that provided the pig and wood and set the afternoon up.

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