Dog Warden

Barking Dog

Barking Dog

Many of us love dogs, the beautiful countryside around the village is something of a dog walkers paradise. However if you own a dog you do have a responsibility to keep your dogs under proper control when out and about. That means clearing up their no. 2’s and making sure they behave themselves when other dogs and people are around. If you are a dog owner it is sometimes easy to make the mistake of assuming your barking dog is not seen as a threat to others. Not everybody shares your empathy with man’s best friend. Continually barking dogs can upset the peace and sanctity of the community especially if they bark through the night. If you are a dog owner please be thoughtful over how your dogs behave, think about how your dog affects the neighboring community or environment around and please act responsibly.

If you do have an issue with badly behaved dog(s), then you can contact the Borough Dog Warden.

The Dog Warden is employed by the Council primarily to collect stray dogs.

Their role also covers education of the public on responsible dog ownership and investigating some welfare issues. If you wish to contact the Dog Warden then please call 01234 718099 and the matter will be passed over to them.

Bedford Borough Council Dog Warden