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Stocking Lane bus stop

Stocking Lane bus stop

Public Transport bus service’s between Souldrop Village and Bedford, Rushden including Sharnbrook, Odel, Harold, Carlton, Pavenham, Oakley, Clapham, Knotting, Melchbourne, Yieldon, Poddington, Wymington.

Very limited!

Grant Palmer routes 25/26 from the Stocking Lane bus stop’s.

To Bedford via Harold (bus stop on Town End Farm side of road)

Bus 26:     time  08.43 via Harold (no change) arrive Bedford  09.33 (Mon – Fri)

Bus 26:     time  10.03 change to Bus 25 at Harold arrive Bedford  10.50 (Mon – Sat)

Bus 26/25:  time 12.18 via Harold (no change) arrive Bedford 12.58 (Mon – Sat)

From Bedford Use ‘Bay G’ at Bedford bus station

Bus 26/25: depart Bedford 13.05 via Harold (no change) arr Souldrop 13.44
(Mon- Sat)

To Rushden via Yieldon (Bus stop on the School House side of the road)

Bus 26:    time 09.04 via Yieldon – arrive Skinners Hill, Rushden 09.37 (Mon – Sat)

Bus 26:    time 13.44 via Wymington arr Skinners Hill, Rushden 13.57 (Mon – Sat)

From Rushden –  Skinners Hill

Bus 26: Skinners Hill depart 09.45 via Wymington – arr Souldrop 10.03 (Mon – Sat)

Bus 26/25: Skinners Hill 11.40 via Wymington, Yieldon arr Souldrop 12.18 (Mon – Sat)

Note: Bus numbers can be interchangeable between 25 or 26 – if in doubt ask the bus driver.  Ask the bus driver to show you the bus stop for changing at Harold on the 10.03 bus. The bus stop’s are technically on ‘The High Street’ as in the photo – but are marked as on ‘Stocking Lane’ as on the Grant Palmer timetable.

Stagecoach service 50 has a regular service between Bedford and Kettering that stops at  Sharnbrook but please note There is no stop at Souldrop Turn as marked on their timetables more info

Owing to the reconstruction of the Sharnbrook road, Souldrop Railwaybridge due to take place Thursday 20th March 2014 until Monday 11th August 2014 inclusive, services 25/26 will be re-directed. More information can be found on the Bedford Council Service Disruption website  here

Dissclaimer: At the time of writing this timetable has been checked against Grant Palmers own timetable which is current for February 2014. We cannot take responsibility for the bus company changing their timetable or dropping service. It’s probably a good idea to check their website or phone them up for peace of mind.

Grant Palmer Route 26 Timetable
Phone: 01525 719719

Grant Palmer website

Stagecoach bus timetable

Check for Public Transport service disruptions
Bedford Council Service Disruption Website

There are school buses which visit the village, you are advised to contact your local school or authority for further information.

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