I am sure most of us would like to improve our environment and play our part in reducing our effect on the planet. There’s one way that can help and that is by recycling ones old goods.

There are tidy tips in Bedford and Rushden and rumors of a bi-annual collection of larger waste items in the village, but it is not known what particular dates this happens.

Have you considered recycling your waste items, if they are still in reasonable working condition? There are several recycling agencies that have websites designed for people to either post up their old items free of charge, or to ‘take’ or request items they are looking for. There is a ‘Freecycle’  and ‘Freegle’ in Bedford Borough covering our area and Rushden is covered by Freegle.

In nearby Carlton there is the Emmausvillage which will accept ‘donations’ of household goods.

In all of the above options please read the ‘do’s and don’ts’ carefully on the particular websites before proceeding.

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