Gallery Quire at St Peter’s Sharnbrook Sat. Oct 13th 2012

Gallery Quire at St Peter’s Sharnbrook Sat. Oct 13th 2012

Gallery Quire at St Peter's Sharnbrook Sat. Oct 13th 2012

Gallery Quire at St Peter’s Sharnbrook Sat. Oct 13th 2012

Gallery Quire at St Peter’s Sharnbrook Sat. Oct 13th 2012
Tickets £8.00 Doors Open 7.30pm
St Peters Sharnbrook

Bedford Gallery Quire

Souldrop: Important Announcement.

We would like you to get involved!

This website is run from the tiny north Bedfordshire village of Souldrop, by folk who live in the village; for folk who live in the village.

We would like to invite any interested parties or individuals, to help contribute to the running of this Souldrop Community website.

How you can help?

By updating us with the latest Souldrop Village and area Community with News, Views, Topical Conversation, Pictures, Events, Businesses, Services, Articles, Memories, Family Genealogy etc.

The aim of this website is to keep the Souldrop community informed of the latest happenings, news and events of the locality. We can only do this if you get involved and share anything that you may feel be relevant to the community.

It is early days yet and the website is still in it’s ‘beta’ stage but very soon Souldrop Biz for the Community, will be officially launched.

To get involved by contributing or enquiries about placing an advert for a business, service or charity please use our Contact Us page, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the simple form.

Perhaps for the more inter-web savvy, it is also ‘theoretically possible’ to Register an account  with us, or even Log on with your Facebook account, to contribute your own posts or comments. If you are lucky and it functions correctly, once logged on you may ‘post’ right away. Feel free to do so should you have a relevant story! Remember we are still ‘beta testing’ and fine tuning, if you could help by letting us know about any mistakes or broken links we would be really grateful!

Please be aware however that all posts will be monitored and if necessary moderated. We plan to keep an open and fair mind, let issues be debated intelligently.

We are aware there are a few ‘sensitive issues’ within the village for instance, planning permission for a Wind Turbine and Santa Pod etc, we would like these important matters to be debated with conscientious arguments from all sides. We at Souldrop.Biz will endeavor to keep as open-minded and unbiased as possible in our reporting and moderating.  The important issue is to keep the community of Souldrop informed!

Contact Us
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U-Turn for Santa Pod!

Oh When Oh When are people and the sat nav companies going to update their systems?

U-Turn at Souldrop!

U-Turn at Souldrop!

I can only assume the online map systems think that Forty Foot Lane and the bridleways leading to the back of Colworth are roads fit for general traffic. (I would like to see a normal vehicle try get down the depths of Forty Foot lane!)
This has been going on years and it is about time the maps were updated.
The villagers in exasperation have taken in onto themselves at the weekends to hand paint signs and plant them on the approaches to the village. There has been actions and promises in the past to try and rectify the problem but the wayward traffic still keeps coming and the signs still get placed.

No access to Santa Pod!

No access to Santa Pod!

One night at two o’clock in the morning recently (yes – sometimes I work late!) the usual peace and quiet of that time of the day was ruptured by the sounds of a very heavy vehicle with its reversing lights and accompanying beeps! This went on for some time, eventually I peered out of my window and was staggered to see a huge pantechnicon lorry, trying to reverse towards the green. The lorry was longer than the green! I had never seen anything that big in Souldrop before, I thought they were banned. The driver was heading along Chapel lane and who knows, maybe he had made it all the way up Forty Foot lane to the Three Shires Way, before eventually he must have realised his sat nav was wrong.

How far he had reversed, heaven knows, but I winced as I spotted a neighbours parked car directly behind the reversing lorry. How the hell do you reverse something that size around the green, obstacles like parked cars aside?
Well the answer was to initiate the mother of all three point turns, within fifteen minutes, somehow he made it! As he drove off I vaguely caught sight of the numberplate and it was of all things…Polish. Whilst having no problems with our intrepid European explorers, we welcome all, providing they are here for the right reasons.
Anyway after the truck disappeared and peace and quiet returned, I had one final look around the village green, expecting to see a marauding pitch forked band of neighbours ready to see of the errant lorry. Well you would with the racket that was made and worst of all the threat to the beloved motor car. But no, not one light bulb, or curtain twitcher was evident. The entire village apart from myself had slept through it, amazing!

The only evidence that I did really witness this event and had not hallucinated it, was a fresh muddy rut on our pristine green. The lorry had to mount the green to avoid the parked car. tut tut!

If you have any thoughts or news about this issue, please feel free to comment below

Welcome to the Souldrop village website

Souldrop is a small village in Bedfordshire, located near the border with Northamptonshire. It is situated within the parish of Knotting and Souldrop and at the 2001 census had a population of 269 living in 114 dwellings. It is part of the Sharnbrooke Ward of Bedford Borough.

This website aims for the first time to bring together in one place, the latest news, local services, local events, local history, family history and other matters of interest to the local community of Souldrop and its environs.

We aim to open up a forum for discussion, a section on local history, a notice board, a section on local charitable interests, local businesses and most importantly to offer a voice in web-land for the local inhabitants of Souldrop.


“Souldrop air and Sharnbrook water make a man live longer than he oughta”


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