Souldrop Christmas Fayre 2013

Souldrop Christmas Fayre 2013

Souldrop Christmas Fayre

3.00pm Sunday 8th December

Come an join the Christmas festivities.
Gorgeous gifts
Great raffle prizes and festive games
Tasty hot food and drink
Santa’s Grotto
and much much more!

Admission £1
Free for children
At the village hall

All money raised is for the maintenance and upkeep of the village hall

A putrid smell – Comment



One could be forgiven for thinking the local farmers must have a ‘beef’ against the villagers!

Today Sunday 22nd September a beautiful Autumn day, most of the Souldrop neighbourhood are absent from their usual Sunday activities such as attending the lawns, trimming the hedges, washing their cars or just enjoying the weather. Most have shut their doors and sealed of their windows. Why?
We know we live in a rural niche and expect the rural attributes that come with it. We understand the local farmers are using safer organic methods. But…
But why today?, a glorious Sunday when most villages are enjoying a well earned day off. Why choose today to spread the putrid smelling muck in the nearby fields to the west of the Village green. Surely tomorrow and during the week days would have been a much better option?


Coffee Morning In Aid Of Macmillan

Come For Coffee – It’s For Macmillan!

We will be holding a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support on Friday 27th September – from 10.30am – in Souldrop Village Hall.

Please come and support this event – everyone welcome.
We would be grateful for any donation of cakes.

There will be no Souldrop Weekly on Thursday 26th

Beacon on the green

The Souldrop Millenium Beacon

The Souldrop Millennium Beacon

The names of Souldrop

Sign on the green with the names of  Souldrop

Commemorative plaques

Commemorative plaques adorn the beacon

A close-up of the Souldrop Ploughman

A close-up of the Souldrop Ploughman

The village sign showing the evolution of the various names of Souldrop




A Place To Love

The Danes they came and settled here
A thousand years ago
They built their homes on a hill
Where a brook runs swift below

‘SUL’ was their name for furrow
‘And it seemed in days of yore
‘A furrow ploughed by giants
Had formed the valley’s floor

And so they called it SOLTHORP
‘Furrow village’, but somehow
The years have changed the spelling
And it is SOULDROP now

The village of my fathers
Has always been my home
A place that I return to
Wherever I may roam



The beacon itself was built to commemorate the Millennium for  the year 2000AD

The smaller plaque reads..


Water Down!

Residents of Souldrop have been without water for much of today (Saturday 3rd Aug)

This according to Anglian Water is due to a burst water main

We apologise to customers in Souldrop, Bedford who currently have no water or low water pressure.

This is caused by a burst water main and we are working hard to restore your supply.

Our current estimated time for this is 20:00 hrs

Further details will be added to this message as soon as they become available.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused by this interruption to your service.

Further updates can be found at the Anglia Water ‘Interruptions’ page here

Possible power outage for village in ‘cut-back’

Workmen have began removing branches and cutting back trees near to the Souldrop village electricity pylon network supplying the neighbourhood. Work started last week near the Bedford Arms and armed with a ‘cherry picker’ truck, the workmen will progress their way along High street towards Back Lane and Chapel Lane over the next week or so. The dangers of a branch falling on the power and telephone lines doesn’t bear thinking about, the consequences could be a lengthy power outage for the village or worse it could cause a fire. This is obviously an important job that requires regular service, it’s seems Souldrop’s ‘cut-back’ is long overdue.
We understand the power supply grid network company has already informed any residents that this ‘cut-back’ will apply to.

We have also heard there may be ‘minimised power outages’ to areas of the village as the foliage incursion in certain places will require a short power cut for safety reasons, whilst the offending growth is cleared.

30T Truck Attempts Cross-Country jaunt to Santa Pod!

This is definitely not the way to Santa Pod!

This is definitely not the way to Santa Pod!

The driver of a huge lorry thought he could find Santa Pod by following Souldrop’s Back Lane on Tuesday afternoon. Ignoring the sign for a weak bridge, he preferred to believe his Sat-Nav than take responsible precautions on the road. Once he had driven up to the gates at Colworth he decided to open a farm gate and trespass on the farmers field at Windmill Hill in a bid to turn his enormous lorry around and return to the main road.

The farmer watched on incredulously after being alerted by neighbours of a 30 ton truck stuck in her field where sheep are grazing. The lorry had attempted to circle round the pasture land before becoming stuck tight in the mud about half way round. A tow truck at the scene also struggled in the mud to free the lorry.

A tow truck struggles to free the stuck truck

A tow truck struggles to free the stuck truck

People of Souldrop have made countless home-made signs to alert drivers, but these have been absent recently. It is known that one was destroyed by council workers strimming Back Lane last year.

Despite numerous requests for official signs to inform drivers, the traffic authorities has declined to supply one sign. Perhaps some insurance claims should be made to the the traffic authorities for time lost at work by the Souldrop farming community not to mention compensation for damage done to pasture land?

Either way – it is not recommended that drivers attempt to gain access to Santa Pod across country!

At the time of writing it was unclear whether or not the truck rescue was successful.

Wanted! Souldrop News, Views or Photo’s!

If you have news, views or photo’s relevant to the village and community of Souldrop which you would like posting up on this website, please send in to our contact email below.
We will accept scan’s of flyers advertising community matters. We will happily accept digitised photographs of bygone Souldrop which we will collect together in a gallery for the whole community to view. We can accept the photo’s in J-Peg, Gif or PDF formats. If you don’t have a means to digitise your photo’s but would still like them posted, please go ahead and email me and perhaps we can arrange to convert them for you anyway!

We also offer a six months free advertising service to Souldrop based businesses. For Local Businesses, the first six months shall be free of charge, after that there will be a minimal charge to help fund some of the website costs.
Charities, Voluntary groups and community service ads will be always be free of charge. Please contact me for further details.


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