Our Mayday Queen!

Our Mayday Queen!

Our Mayday Queen!
May the 1st 2013 saw a bright blue gloriously sunny day as something of a contrast to the lingering grey and snows of a few weeks ago. With the hawthorn blossom decorating the green lanes in the neighbourhood and as an act of  joyous elation, a crown of hawthorn flowers was created to celebrate the joys of spring. Our very own EJ ‘volunteered’ to become a queen for a day and frolic around the imaginary Souldrop village maypole!

Another accident on Souldrop Turn

The air ambulance arrives for another accident on Souldrop Turn

The air ambulance arrives for another accident on Souldrop Turn

Drivers living in or visiting Souldrop will be aware of the dangers of navigating the junction of Stocking Lane with the main Rushden to Bedford road, the A6. This junction adjacent to the Souldrop garage filling station is known locally as the ‘Souldrop Turn’.

About 7.30pm on Thursday 26th April there was a collision between a motorcyclist and a car at the turning. An air ambulance and several units of the emergency services arrived, it was not known at the time of writing whether or not there were any serious casualties, but there was a seriously damaged motor car and motorcycle nearby. The Souldrop Turning know locally as an accident blackspot, is a junction that witnesses regular accidents with vehicles attempting to make the turn on or off the main road. The busy filling station opposite, adds further complications to the unwary motorist. Drivers often approach the junction at speeds on or above the national speed limit, which means it’s often very tricky to make the turn safely.

“Isn’t it about time the highway authorities recognised the dangers and put measures in place to deal with the dangers of this junction?”

Excitement in Souldrop as Bomb Squad is called!

Grenade found in Souldrop, Bomb Squad called!

Grenade found in Souldrop, Bomb Squad called!

Police called the RAF Bomb Disposal Unit to a residence in Souldrop village Tuesday afternoon ( 23rd April) after a WW2 hand grenade was found. The area was cordoned off and nearby residents were evacuated as the bomb disposal officers moved in. However it was quickly established the grenade which still had it’s pin in place, was in fact a dud. The BDU officers and Police then pronounced the area safe and departed taking the grenade with them. The grenade had been found at the back of a property of a recently deceased local resident. Neighbours said that whilst clearing a shed they had found an object which on closer inspection turned out to be a hand grenade. “I had it in my hands and then I noticed that it still had it’s pin in it” said a local resident who quickly put it down and immediately called the Police.

Apparently, during WW2 Army training camps were located nearby. After the war and ‘de-mob’ it was actually quite common for folk to take home ‘mementos’ of their war days, although this was obviously illegal and frowned upon by the authorities.

Souldrop quickly returned to normal and to enjoy a beautiful spring day as the excitement amongst the residents abated.

The grenade was declared a 'dud' and the taken away

The grenade was declared a ‘dud’ and the taken away

New ‘local’ website

The Evening HaroldThe Evening Harold (Don’t you mean Harrold?)

On a lighter note, a village in our near neighborhood has a very ‘interesting’ and prolific website which is apparently a ‘digitised’  companion to an evening paper.

Headline stories such as “Doctor Beeching’s Axe found under railway siding” and “Committee ‘delighted’ as Piers Morgan turns down invitation to open village fete” providing much ado in the normally quiet local village. Who would have known that “Tensions are rising over weapons between North and South village gangs” ?  not in our local Harrold surely?

Recently Animal rights campaigners have called for ban on the annual Harold Easter egg hunt and an awful upset occurred in the village when Logistics error sees Morris men deployed to war-zone.

Yes it’s all going on in Harrold, maybe there is a few lessons we could learn here in Souldrop!

Next week: Sharnbrook

Evening Harold


Rubbish fly tipped on the Forty Foot

Rubbish fly tipped on the Forty Foot

Someone’s old bathroom is now gracing the junction of Forty Foot Lane and the Three Shires Way to the north of Souldrop Village. “It’s a bloody disgrace!” one local resident was heard to mutter whilst out walking their dogs. The waste appeared sometime inbetween Thursday 28th and Sunday 31st March and is blowing about in the windy conditions. The Bedford Borough Council has been informed, they advised that the owner of the rubbish could face penalties of up to £5,000 for duty of care offences, if they don’t check that the company or person they give waste to:

  • has a license to carry waste
  • is not taking it to an unlicensed site.

Further information and to report Fly Tipping
So, shame on whosoever’s responsible for dumping this rubbish on our doorstep. Here is a closer look at the rubbish, anyone recognize their old bathroom?

Rubbish, closer detail

Rubbish, closer detail

Two Missing Jack Russels Found!

Two Missing Jack Russel's!

Two Jack Russel’s went missing on 26th January 2013 in the Poddington, Santa Pod – Souldrop area, have you seen them? No collars but chipped… reward!

Stop Press:
Jack Russels Now safely returned with their owners after three weeks walkabout.
They were very skinny and dirty with sores but otherwise ok.
They are being nursed back to health by their owners.

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