The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman in Doncaster

The Flying Scotsman in Doncaster

The Flying Scotsman will pass through Souldrop on the morning of the 4th June 2016, sometime in between 9am and 1pm. It’s journey starts at St Pancras and ends in York.

The Flying Scotsman recently finished it’s £4.2m restoration at the National Railway Museum in January. The Back Lane bridge is expected to be packed with enthusiasts and onlookers as The Flying Scotsman builds up a head of steam to power the 200 foot elevation to Sharnbrook Summit. If anyone gets any nice pictures, they will be welcome on our gallery!

Woman Killed by train

A woman has been hit and killed by a train near Back Lane bridge, Souldrop, on Thursday the 2nd October, at shortly after 9AM. Police say the woman’s death is not being treated as suspicious.
Trains were delayed throughout the region until at least 11am as a result.

Officers from Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire were joined by British Transport Police in conducting searches, and the police helicopter and paramedics were also in attendance.

A British Transport Police spokesman said: “We were called to the line in Souldrop, Bedfordshire, at 9.10am to reports of a woman being struck by a train.
“We attended the scene alongside colleagues from Northamptonshire Police and the East of England Ambulance Service and a woman was pronounced dead at the scene.
“The incident is not being treated as suspicious and officers are working to identify the woman and inform her family.
“A file will be prepared for the coroner.”


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Possible power outage for village in ‘cut-back’

Workmen have began removing branches and cutting back trees near to the Souldrop village electricity pylon network supplying the neighbourhood. Work started last week near the Bedford Arms and armed with a ‘cherry picker’ truck, the workmen will progress their way along High street towards Back Lane and Chapel Lane over the next week or so. The dangers of a branch falling on the power and telephone lines doesn’t bear thinking about, the consequences could be a lengthy power outage for the village or worse it could cause a fire. This is obviously an important job that requires regular service, it’s seems Souldrop’s ‘cut-back’ is long overdue.
We understand the power supply grid network company has already informed any residents that this ‘cut-back’ will apply to.

We have also heard there may be ‘minimised power outages’ to areas of the village as the foliage incursion in certain places will require a short power cut for safety reasons, whilst the offending growth is cleared.

30T Truck Attempts Cross-Country jaunt to Santa Pod!

This is definitely not the way to Santa Pod!

This is definitely not the way to Santa Pod!

The driver of a huge lorry thought he could find Santa Pod by following Souldrop’s Back Lane on Tuesday afternoon. Ignoring the sign for a weak bridge, he preferred to believe his Sat-Nav than take responsible precautions on the road. Once he had driven up to the gates at Colworth he decided to open a farm gate and trespass on the farmers field at Windmill Hill in a bid to turn his enormous lorry around and return to the main road.

The farmer watched on incredulously after being alerted by neighbours of a 30 ton truck stuck in her field where sheep are grazing. The lorry had attempted to circle round the pasture land before becoming stuck tight in the mud about half way round. A tow truck at the scene also struggled in the mud to free the lorry.

A tow truck struggles to free the stuck truck

A tow truck struggles to free the stuck truck

People of Souldrop have made countless home-made signs to alert drivers, but these have been absent recently. It is known that one was destroyed by council workers strimming Back Lane last year.

Despite numerous requests for official signs to inform drivers, the traffic authorities has declined to supply one sign. Perhaps some insurance claims should be made to the the traffic authorities for time lost at work by the Souldrop farming community not to mention compensation for damage done to pasture land?

Either way – it is not recommended that drivers attempt to gain access to Santa Pod across country!

At the time of writing it was unclear whether or not the truck rescue was successful.