More old Steamers visit the village!

Old Steamers April 2017

Old Steamers April 2017

Last Sunday April 2nd traction engines maintained and driven by Dave Venn with his Burrell general purpose engine visited the Bedford Arms once more with Robbie Foreman ,second picture down, shown leaving Souldrop on Ted Wootton’s Fowler road locomotive.

Thanks to Jeremy Viewing for sending theses pictures in!


Grand old steamers visit Souldrop

Old Steamers visit the Bedford Arms. Picture thanks to Jeremy Viewing

Old Steamers visit the Bedford Arms. Picture thanks to Jeremy Viewing

On Sunday September 25th Dave Venn and Robbie Foreman visited the Bedford Arms pub with Robbies 1923 Marshall S Class “Sir Philip” and Richard Pooles 1910 Allchin General purpose engine “Evedon Lad”.


Emergency Defibrillator at The Bedford Arms

The Good News

AED at the Bedford-Arms

AED at the Bedford-Arms

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service in conjunction with Community Heartbeat have installed an Automated External Defibrillator which is located outside the Bedford Arms Public House.

AED Bedford-Arms porch

AED Bedford-Arms by the porch

The Bad News

Is that the brand new AED is currently “Not in service”!!

AED at the Bedford-Arms is currently "Not in service"!!

AED at the Bedford-Arms is currently “Not in service”!!

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Christmas Tree at the Bedford Arms 5th December 2012

Villagers woke up to an unexpected carpet of snow on the morning of Tuesday December the 5th. The first snows of 2012 arrived early in Souldrop but the showers soon cleared leaving a fine bright but chilly Winters day.
Residents are advised that adjacent to the village green there is a yellow salt box to facilitate the clearing of icy patches on the roads or pavements.
Pictured above is the Bedford Arms Christmas Tree looking very seasonal in the snow.
We have some further wintry views of Souldrop village here

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Souldrop is a small village in Bedfordshire, located near the border with Northamptonshire. It is situated within the parish of Knotting and Souldrop and at the 2001 census had a population of 269 living in 114 dwellings. It is part of the Sharnbrooke Ward of Bedford Borough.

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“Souldrop air and Sharnbrook water make a man live longer than he oughta”