Souldrop to lose out on Super-fast Broadband

Supe-rfast Broadband for Souldrop 2018

Supe-rfast Broadband for Souldrop 2018

Bad news for Souldrop’s Super-fast Broadband!

Souldrop Village is to loose out on the long awaited Broad Band upgrade when it comes online in 2018′ It seems the village won’t benefit from the upgrade because the fiber connection will terminate at the box by the Vesuvio Hotel some 2.9 Kilometers away.

The 2.9 kilometers between the box and the village will mean that because of the distance the upgrade will actually make the average village connection slower than it is currently.

This will be a massive blow to those in the village that are expecting an upgrade

“We have been waiting patiently for nearly ten years for this upgrade and now we find out it’s not going to happen, I am absolutely gutted” said one angry villager who preferred to remain anonymous. Many villagers will echo that sentiment.

Below is an extract of correspondence between Roger Vennison and an Openreach officer…first Roger explains the technicalities ….
“Whilst they do seem to be have a lack of knowledge about the local funding for the project the facts about the technical aspects are clear. As you may be aware the cabinet that connects our village to the Sharnbrook Exchange is cabinet 5 and this is situated on the A6 next to the Italian Hotel. This is obviously a good distance away from the village (2.9Km according to the Openreach guy) and the copper link from this cabinet would reduce the broadband speed to less that we currently have!!! As you so rightly say we need a cabinet in the village.

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Superfast Broadband on the way!

Superfast broadband is on the way

Superfast Broadband is on the way

Superfast Broadband is on the way – but at a snails pace!

I have received a response to a question I asked Bedford’s Borough Mayor Dave Hodgson on his recent visit to the village on the matter of when Souldrop is due for it’s long overdue upgrade to ‘superfast broadband’
“Souldrop, being in Phase 4, should see a superfast service available, in the second half of 2018, all being well in the 3rd quarter of 2018” quoted Mayor Hodgson.

So we will have to wait up to three more years for a decent deal on our broadband.
However in the meantime there may be “interim options” involving a possible “subsidised satellite option scheme for those who have a sub-2Mbps broadband service”although this is yet to be confirmed.

I will write back to Mayor Hodgson and ask him to clarify how this might work and keep you informed.

Steve Andrews

Bad Deal On Our Broadband?

Dear BT , Mayor of Bedford, or other…..

Our village of Souldrop would dearly love to have a decent Broadband Speed with a reliable connection. We understand that Bedford Borough Council has in place a “Central Superfast Broadband Project” which aims are understood to include eventually rolling out slightly faster broadband to Souldrop maybe if we are lucky in 2018 or 2019. This will make us one of the last rural areas in Bedford to experience a modest minimum of 2.01 mbps. Lets face it folks that speed will be a significant improvement on the speeds many of us get round here at the moment but in the grand scheme of things , it is really not going to be fast enough to enjoy many of the benefits that the real high speed broadband users, elsewhere are used to.

Souldrop's ancient telegraph supply network

Souldrop’s ancient telegraph supply network

Telephone, Broadband and Electricity are delivered to much of the village via a now aging telegraph wired supply network, the basis for this technology is getting on for a hundred years old! God forbid Amazon dot com ever get their way and use drone helicopters to deliver their goods to villagers in Souldrop, I just don’t think drones and our village wiring system would get on together! The problem is that BT who administer the telephony system say that problem is that we are over a couple of miles from the Sharnbrook exchange. They say the problem is that they have old copper wire networks that are in place that were not originally intended for  Broadband signal. They are making the best out of a clearly antiquated system that ideally needs replacing with fiber optics. The village simply doesn’t have the population or businesses to make funding such a rewiring a reliable option. Well there are subsidies and the Mayor is on the case (apparently! – write to him if it concerns you!)
Many of our villagers experience speeds that are not much improved since the dreadful days of dial-up internet, with so much of life online nowadays don’t the villagers deserve better? Our Mayor seems to be championing faster rural broadband but currently his attention is elsewhere in the region. Maybe we as a village are simply not campaigning loud enough!

According to online checkers the village of Souldrop has a 1.5 to 2.0 Mb speed range, we know that this is pretty much bang in the middle of the actual reported speed of some residents.

For instance we have a range speeds reported from 0.250mb to 5.0mb, we also have a high dropout rate reported in the village. If a BT Openreach repair van enters the village, then the rate of ‘curtain-twitchers’ increases tenfold!

Report you speeds right below using your facebook account, if you think we should get a campaign together to prompt our lord mayor into improving our broadband supply then discuss below. I think the village deserves a better connection, what do you think?

Steve Andrews

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