Can anyone identify this 1920’s Souldrop House?

Large Souldrop House, can anyone identify the Souldrop house in this 1920's photo?

Large Souldrop House, can anyone identify the Souldrop house in this 1920’s photo?

Here the same house but with added flower beds

Here the same house but with added flower beds

A Bedfordshire postcard archivist has asked if this 1920’s photograph of a large Souldrop house can be identified, apparently it is not the rectory.
If you do have an idea please let us know using our below comment boxes or contact us here

We will then forward the information to the archivist. Thanks!

The Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman in Doncaster

The Flying Scotsman in Doncaster

The Flying Scotsman will pass through Souldrop on the morning of the 4th June 2016, sometime in between 9am and 1pm. It’s journey starts at St Pancras and ends in York.

The Flying Scotsman recently finished it’s £4.2m restoration at the National Railway Museum in January. The Back Lane bridge is expected to be packed with enthusiasts and onlookers as The Flying Scotsman builds up a head of steam to power the 200 foot elevation to Sharnbrook Summit. If anyone gets any nice pictures, they will be welcome on our gallery!

Bad Deal On Our Broadband?

Dear BT , Mayor of Bedford, or other…..

Our village of Souldrop would dearly love to have a decent Broadband Speed with a reliable connection. We understand that Bedford Borough Council has in place a “Central Superfast Broadband Project” which aims are understood to include eventually rolling out slightly faster broadband to Souldrop maybe if we are lucky in 2018 or 2019. This will make us one of the last rural areas in Bedford to experience a modest minimum of 2.01 mbps. Lets face it folks that speed will be a significant improvement on the speeds many of us get round here at the moment but in the grand scheme of things , it is really not going to be fast enough to enjoy many of the benefits that the real high speed broadband users, elsewhere are used to.

Souldrop's ancient telegraph supply network

Souldrop’s ancient telegraph supply network

Telephone, Broadband and Electricity are delivered to much of the village via a now aging telegraph wired supply network, the basis for this technology is getting on for a hundred years old! God forbid Amazon dot com ever get their way and use drone helicopters to deliver their goods to villagers in Souldrop, I just don’t think drones and our village wiring system would get on together! The problem is that BT who administer the telephony system say that problem is that we are over a couple of miles from the Sharnbrook exchange. They say the problem is that they have old copper wire networks that are in place that were not originally intended for  Broadband signal. They are making the best out of a clearly antiquated system that ideally needs replacing with fiber optics. The village simply doesn’t have the population or businesses to make funding such a rewiring a reliable option. Well there are subsidies and the Mayor is on the case (apparently! – write to him if it concerns you!)
Many of our villagers experience speeds that are not much improved since the dreadful days of dial-up internet, with so much of life online nowadays don’t the villagers deserve better? Our Mayor seems to be championing faster rural broadband but currently his attention is elsewhere in the region. Maybe we as a village are simply not campaigning loud enough!

According to online checkers the village of Souldrop has a 1.5 to 2.0 Mb speed range, we know that this is pretty much bang in the middle of the actual reported speed of some residents.

For instance we have a range speeds reported from 0.250mb to 5.0mb, we also have a high dropout rate reported in the village. If a BT Openreach repair van enters the village, then the rate of ‘curtain-twitchers’ increases tenfold!

Report you speeds right below using your facebook account, if you think we should get a campaign together to prompt our lord mayor into improving our broadband supply then discuss below. I think the village deserves a better connection, what do you think?

Steve Andrews

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Like anything these days there is no such thing as a free lunch!

The Community Website has been running for over two years now and in that time we have had to pay the web Hosting and Domain costs. The charges in themselves don’t particularly amount to a great deal but over time it does add up. So we have cleared a few limited placements that we can stick up adverts in the hope that we can raise a few modest costs that will help to make Souldrop.Biz – self sustainable.

If you are a local trader or business why not take advantage of our advertising space?

An advert on will help your company or service reach into the community – inform and integrate with the community and help us to sustain the website that supports the community.

Further details including pricing, sizes and term here

Does Santa Pod Affect You?

Souldrop Villagers

If you have any issues or concerns regarding Santa Pod e.g. level of noise/traffic management etc, we would like to hear from you. Please contact . and your concerns will be passed on to the Santa Pod Liaison Group. If you would like a noise/disturbance form to record your concerns please let Gillian know.


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Quiz Night this Saturday

Quiz Night with Fish and Chips at Souldrop Village Hall on Saturday 26th April at 7.30pm. Tickets £7.50. Deadline for tickets 18 April. Max Team size = 6

Tickets enquiries:
Phone: 07824 623170

All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the Village Hall


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Five Month Sharnbrook Road Closure!

Sharnbrook Road, Souldrop will be closed to all traffic from Thursday 20th March 2014 until Monday 11th August 2014 inclusive.

Closed for five months! Looking towards the traffic lights on the railway bridge at Sharnbrook Road Souldrop.

Closed for five months! Looking towards the traffic lights on the railway bridge at Sharnbrook Road Souldrop.

Due to the demolition and reconstruction of the railway bridge on Sharnbrook Road Souldrop, there will be a 24 hour restriction to traffic on Sharnbrook Road from the junction with High Street, Souldrop to the High Street/Colworth Road, Sharnbrook.

Planning Decision Document

The reason given is that modification of the bridge is necessary for the electrification of the Midlands Mainline railway.

The bridge will be re-aligned, raised a metre above it’s current height, and strengthened. Full planning documents

Five months without easy access to Sharnbrook is something the Souldrop villagers will have to look forward to this year, as this road is closed for ‘necessary work’. Access to Sharnbrook will take the form of a two and a half mile detour via the A6 and turning at Templars Way, Sharnbrook. The bus numbers 25 and 26 will also detour the same way, perhaps making the bus journey to Bedford a few minutes longer.

Sharnbrook have raised issues that If both traffic lights and weight restrictions are removed once the work is completed then large lorries will start to use this road making passing difficult and potentially causing damage/accidents. The Bedford Borough Council have not made any promises, but have suggested making recommendations to the highway department. A local landowner has made a query about the need ‘for parapets.

This information and information about other Bedford road closures can be found on the Bedford Council Service Disruption website  here

What do you think about the road closure? Use the Comment box below, you can sign in with your Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts


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Wind Turbine gets go ahead

Artist impression of the Blackmere Wind Turbine

Artist’s impression of the Blackmere Wind Turbine – looking west along the Three Shires Way – picture taken from the access gate and concrete block

The construction of a 77 metre high wind turbine has been granted permission by Bedford Borough Council Planning Department, subject to conditions, to Clinton Dunmore of Middle Farm, Souldrop.

The decision was issued on the 31st January 2014 and was for the installation of a 500 kW EWT wind turbine with associated infrastructure and temporary access track measuring 50 metres to hub and 77 metres to blade tip.

The BBC decision document

Location of the Wind Turbine

Location of the Wind Turbine

Before construction gets the go ahead there will conditions that will need to be met including a survey for Greater Crested Newts. The Turbine has been given permission to stand for thirty years at which point it will have to be removed unless further planning application is granted. It is unclear at the time of writing whether or not any other local authorities might put in an objection, it is understood Rushden Council were also assessing the planning application.

The subject of wind turbines is a contentious issue almost everywhere at the moment not least in the Souldrop village community. After a heated community meeting or two back in 2012, Mr Dunmore withdrew his original planning application in order to submit a new plan to relocate the turbine further from the village on the Blackmere side of the Three Shires Way close to the Sharnbrook Summit Nature Reserve. The temporary construction access route will enter the site via Goosey Lodge near Wymington to the north. There should be no inconvenience in the construction work to Souldrop residents.

Full planning documentation

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