Spring 2017


Spring gets under way in Souldrop and once again the colours return to life after the drabness of winter. We take a peek at Lenny’s hidden Eden and find that a Cricket match is in full swing. The shoots of wheat are just popping their heads above the soil in the nearby fields as the colossal new neighbours ‘Tom Dick and Harry’ turbines tower above the trees at Windmill Hill. Situated at Airfield Farm at Santa Pod these guys are as big as they get reaching some 420 foot. The Blackmere turbine also towers above the trees in the Forty Foot hedge line.
The meadows surrounding the village are returning to green and the late Kim’s Tulips bring a splash of colours to the ambience of All Saints graveyard recently recovering from a horrible break in.
It is difficult photographing the village without showing cars and wheely-bins I  had to work hard to keep them to a minimum in the shots.The village is never totally free of clutter so in a way it would be disingenuous to display otherwise, so there will be the odd bin or car lurking on the fringes!
We would like to thank Lenny for letting us get right into his ‘garden of eden’ and the wonderful folk of our village for taking the care to make Souldrop a feast for the eye’s!

All photo’s taken by Steve Andrews on April 10 2017: Copyright Steve Andrews.

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Forty Foot Turbine is here!

The Forty Foot-Turbine has arrived

The Forty Foot-Turbine has arrived

A new view dominates the Souldrop arena as the 260 foot wind turbine is installed adjacent to the Forty Foot Lane. To some the turbine’s arrival will be contentious but to others it will be welcomed . But in the week the government signed the deal with the French and Chinese to build our future energy needs in the form of Nuclear Power, it seems Renewable Energy has now been put on a back burner.

Whether you are a believer or a non believer in renewable energies, the turbine is here to stay now, so we will have to get used to it, as it has a license to run for thirty years.

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Wind Turbine gets go ahead

Artist impression of the Blackmere Wind Turbine

Artist’s impression of the Blackmere Wind Turbine – looking west along the Three Shires Way – picture taken from the access gate and concrete block

The construction of a 77 metre high wind turbine has been granted permission by Bedford Borough Council Planning Department, subject to conditions, to Clinton Dunmore of Middle Farm, Souldrop.

The decision was issued on the 31st January 2014 and was for the installation of a 500 kW EWT wind turbine with associated infrastructure and temporary access track measuring 50 metres to hub and 77 metres to blade tip.

The BBC decision document

Location of the Wind Turbine

Location of the Wind Turbine

Before construction gets the go ahead there will conditions that will need to be met including a survey for Greater Crested Newts. The Turbine has been given permission to stand for thirty years at which point it will have to be removed unless further planning application is granted. It is unclear at the time of writing whether or not any other local authorities might put in an objection, it is understood Rushden Council were also assessing the planning application.

The subject of wind turbines is a contentious issue almost everywhere at the moment not least in the Souldrop village community. After a heated community meeting or two back in 2012, Mr Dunmore withdrew his original planning application in order to submit a new plan to relocate the turbine further from the village on the Blackmere side of the Three Shires Way close to the Sharnbrook Summit Nature Reserve. The temporary construction access route will enter the site via Goosey Lodge near Wymington to the north. There should be no inconvenience in the construction work to Souldrop residents.

Full planning documentation

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Winsey Farm Wind Turbine to go ahead!

Wind turbine in Souldrop?

Wind turbine in Souldrop!

On the 28th January, planning permission was successfully granted for the Winsey Farm wind turbine near Souldrop. Once erected, the 225kW turbine will provide power for Winsey Farm’s turkey, pig and arable farming business and contributing to the land’s self-sufficiency according the owner.

To assess the visual impact of the turbine, the council’s planning committee visited the site on Monday 21st January on a snowy morning for which engineers flew a blimp to 50m, the height of the turbine’s hub. Attached to this was a smaller balloon, flown to 64m to represent the length of its blades. The turbine’s size and levels of visibility from surrounding areas were taken into consideration as viewed from several positions determined by the planning committee.  Unfortunately for those opposed to the turbine,  given the near white out conditions of an overcast, snow laden landscape and given the blimp and balloon where both coloured white, the planning committee deemed the turbine not to be intrusive and gave the construction of the turbine the go ahead.

The Middle Farm planning application is currently on hold as the proprietor is re-evaluating his plans which will include the turbine itself being relocated to a position of further distance from the village of Souldrop. Therefore a new planning application is in the process of being submitted for this larger turbine.

So Souldrop  will have it’s first wind turbine, please feel free to comment below.



Souldrop Winsey farm Wind Turbine meeting.

Wind turbine in Souldrop?

Wind turbine in Souldrop?

Wind Turbines are a divisive issue when it come to rural areas. There are arguments for and against the encroachment of wind turbines in the local neighbourhoods. It seems pressure is mounting on several areas of the North Bedfordshire Wolds for the erection of wind turbine generators, some scores of meters high. Plans for two such wind turbines to be built within Souldrop Parish are being debated by Bedford Borough Council on Monday 17th December.

A hasty meeting for Souldrop residents opposing the turbines (S.P.O.T) has been arranged at the Village Hall for this Friday at 7.30pm

There are lots of good reasons why local residents should feel cheated by the planning process and upset by the idea of the installation of huge turbines dominating the local environment. At the same time the argument on the other side for the long term sustainability of energy utilising wind and water power as opposed to carbon based fuels is compelling. Many have no particular opinion either way until the ‘problem’ becomes local.
When it comes down to the turbines encroaching the neighbourhood landscape, then passions will understandably rise.

Spot meeting circular

Spot meeting circular

In the interests of the community at large this website will attempt to remain neutral but at the same time give a space to report news and to give air to opinions to both sides of the argument.

What do you think?

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