Winsey Farm Wind Turbine to go ahead!

Wind turbine in Souldrop?

Wind turbine in Souldrop!

On the 28th January, planning permission was successfully granted for the Winsey Farm wind turbine near Souldrop. Once erected, the 225kW turbine will provide power for Winsey Farm’s turkey, pig and arable farming business and contributing to the land’s self-sufficiency according the owner.

To assess the visual impact of the turbine, the council’s planning committee visited the site on Monday 21st January on a snowy morning for which engineers flew a blimp to 50m, the height of the turbine’s hub. Attached to this was a smaller balloon, flown to 64m to represent the length of its blades. The turbine’s size and levels of visibility from surrounding areas were taken into consideration as viewed from several positions determined by the planning committee.  Unfortunately for those opposed to the turbine,  given the near white out conditions of an overcast, snow laden landscape and given the blimp and balloon where both coloured white, the planning committee deemed the turbine not to be intrusive and gave the construction of the turbine the go ahead.

The Middle Farm planning application is currently on hold as the proprietor is re-evaluating his plans which will include the turbine itself being relocated to a position of further distance from the village of Souldrop. Therefore a new planning application is in the process of being submitted for this larger turbine.

So Souldrop  will have it’s first wind turbine, please feel free to comment below.



Souldrop Winsey farm Wind Turbine meeting.

Wind turbine in Souldrop?

Wind turbine in Souldrop?

Wind Turbines are a divisive issue when it come to rural areas. There are arguments for and against the encroachment of wind turbines in the local neighbourhoods. It seems pressure is mounting on several areas of the North Bedfordshire Wolds for the erection of wind turbine generators, some scores of meters high. Plans for two such wind turbines to be built within Souldrop Parish are being debated by Bedford Borough Council on Monday 17th December.

A hasty meeting for Souldrop residents opposing the turbines (S.P.O.T) has been arranged at the Village Hall for this Friday at 7.30pm

There are lots of good reasons why local residents should feel cheated by the planning process and upset by the idea of the installation of huge turbines dominating the local environment. At the same time the argument on the other side for the long term sustainability of energy utilising wind and water power as opposed to carbon based fuels is compelling. Many have no particular opinion either way until the ‘problem’ becomes local.
When it comes down to the turbines encroaching the neighbourhood landscape, then passions will understandably rise.

Spot meeting circular

Spot meeting circular

In the interests of the community at large this website will attempt to remain neutral but at the same time give a space to report news and to give air to opinions to both sides of the argument.

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